1. A unit of surface area (symbol ha) equal to 100 ares (that is, 10,000 square metres, or approximately 2.5 acres), used for measuring the areas of geographical features such as land and bodies of water.

7 letters in word "hectare": A C E E H R T.

Anagrams of hectare:

Words found within hectare:

ace acer ach ache acre act ae aether ah ar arc arch are aret arete art at ate car care caret cart carte cat cate cater cee cerate cere cert cete ch cha char chare charet chart chat che cheat cheer cher chere chert crate create cree ea each ear earth eat eatche eater eath eathe ecarte ech eche echt ee eech eh er era ere erect et eta etch etcher eth ethe ether ha hae haet hare hart hat hate hater he hear heare heart heat heater her here hereat het hete race rach rache rachet rah rat ratch rate rath rathe re reach react reate rec recta ree reech reh reheat ret retch rete rhea ta tace tach tache tae tahr tar tare te tea teach tear tech tee teer tehr terce thae thar the theca thecae thee there thrae three trace tree